Memorable Words Monday Save, Print, Be Inspired: Anything's Possible

Hey everyone!

Welcome to this weeks installment of MWM where each week we bring you a new printable for you to save, print and be inspired! This weeks printable is an 8x10 ready for you to save, print and frame! Remember if you like what you see please Pin + Share! New printables are available each week!

Tutorial : DIY Marbled Acrylic Poured Coasters.

Acrylic dirty or one cup pour is probably one of my favorite (and messy) painting techniques. The kids love doing these projects too, not just because it's messy, but it's neat to see what the silicone and floetrol does to the paint. We love watching those cells form and how the paint flows onto our surface. 

This year I had the idea of making these little paintings in coaster form for the kids teachers. I knew that I wanted something durable too. Now that I think of it, you could probably use a slice of wood or something else that is solid and is going to last.
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